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ACCELERATING THE EQUITABLE DEVELOPMENT OF THE SOUTH ::  NAM CSSTC opens Career Opportunities for 2 (Two) Managerial Position: 1. Assistant Director for Program (ADP), 2. Assistant Director for Administration (ADA)
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 Expert Name  Expertise  Country
1 Dr. Ir. Dadan Kusdiana, M.Sc. Biogas/Bioenergy Indonesia
2 I Teja Harjaya, ST., MT. Biogas/Bioenergy Indonesia
3 Salafudin, ST., M.Sc. Biogas/Bioenergy Indonesia
4 Tri Mumpuni Biogas/Bioenergy Indonesia
5 Prof. Dr. Ir. Muchammad Junus, MS. Biogas/Bioenergy Indonesia
6 Sulistyo, S.T. Biogas/Bioenergy Indonesia
7 Priyono Sutikno Micro Hydro Indonesia
8 Kusetiadi Raharjo Micro Hydro Indonesia
9 Chayun Budiono Micro Hydro Indonesia
10 Amalia Suryani Micro Hydro Indonesia
11 Salman Noersiwan Bachtiar Micro Hydro Indonesia
12 Agus Maryono Micro Hydro Indonesia
13 Suroso Micro Hydro Indonesia
14 Sentanu Hindrakusuma Micro Hydro Indonesia
15 Faisal Rahadian Micro Hydro Indonesia
16 Iman Budi Santoso Micro Hydro Indonesia
17 Ifnu Setiadi Gunawan Micro Hydro Indonesia
18 A. Agung Feinnudin Micro Hydro Indonesia
19 Ardi Nugraha Micro Hydro Indonesia
20 Ahmad Taufik Micro Hydro Indonesia
21 Ezrom M.D. Tapparan Micro Hydro Indonesia
22 Raden Waluyo Jati Soemowidagdo Micro Hydro Indonesia
23 Sulardi Micro Hydro Indonesia
24 Michaela Told Global Health Geneva
25 Dr. Stefan Germann Global Health USA
26 Dr. Makarim Wibisono Global Health Indonesia
27 Dr. Khanchit Limpakarnjanarat Global Health Thailand
28 Prof. Dr. Nila F. Moeloek Global Health Indonesia
29 Prof. Agus. Purwadianto Global Health Indonesia
30 Dr. Kemal N. Siregar Global Health Indonesia

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ASTECHNOVA AWARD 2017: ”International Competition on Renewable Energy Technology in Rural Area”

1-2 November 2017  
ASTECHNOVA 2017-INTERNATIONAL ENERGY CONFERENCE: ”Innovative Sustainable System in Energy - Food - Water Nexus”




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