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Organisational Chart

Organisational Chart


Duties and Roles


(1) Leading the activity and maintaining the NAM CSSTC organisational framework;

(2) Recruiting and dismissing:

  1. Programme Affairs Assistant Director;
  2. Administrative and Financial Assistant Director;
  3. Supporting staffs.

(3) Incorporating, tracking, and improving NAM CSSTC programme activities;

(4) Establishing a network and coordination mechanism with member countries of the Non-Aligned Movement and other international organisations that can support and collaborate with NAM CSSTC in establishing capacity building initiatives for participants in Non-Aligned and other developing countries;

(5) Compiling the programme and budget of NAM CSSTC;

(6) Encouraging Non-Aligned Movement member countries and the developed countries and other donor organisations to contribute financially to NAM CSSTC;

(7) Making a report to the Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Chairperson and all Governing Council Members (in Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam, Cuba and South Africa) on the implementation of the NAM CSSTC programme activity.

Executive Secretary

(1) Providing resources for knowledge and input relevant to programme activities in order to ensure proper legal compliance;

(2) Conducting a thorough review of the policy on the NAM CSSTC for Standard Operating Procedures, the human resources, internal control systems, office renovation, property data and organisational functions;

(3) Participating in programme preparation and implementation of activities at the NAM CSSTC;

(4) Contributing to the drafting and analysis for the NAM CSSTC agreements and the report submitted to the Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Head of the Coordinating Bureau for the Non-Aligned Movement;

(5) Collecting information from different sources on the legal issues of NAM CSSTC;

(6) Assisting and proposing legal solutions to problems at the NAM CSSTC and ensuring conformity with relevant laws and regulations.

Programme Affairs Assistant Director

(1) Compiling an annual programme / activity proposed schedule;

(2) Preparing programmes / activities implementation plans;

(3) Implementing programmes / activities, with the Administrative and Financial Assistant Director;

(4) Collecting funds and other funding for the implementation of NAM CSSTC activities from governmental, non-governmental, individuals and private institutions;

(5) Compiling reports and tracking outcomes of the execution of the programme / activity;

(6) Tracking and determining the outcomes of the implementation of the programme / activity;

(7) Communicating in programme affairs with domestic and foreign partners;

(8) Providing advice and guidance to staff in introducing and improving information network systems with partners at home and abroad;

(9) Performing / making news on events to be disseminated on the website;

(10) Providing advice, guidance and surveillance to staff in the development and administration of news and websites;

(11) Compiling reports;

(12) Running the programme / activity filing;

(13) Enforcing protocol arrangements in all events / meetings at home and abroad;

(14) Making provisions for the execution of the programmes / events / seminars fares, lodging, transport and expeditions.

Administrative and Financial Assistant Director / Treasurer

(1) Managing human resources, financial and general administrative management;

(2) Doing household work inside the office;

(3) Conducting office products / equipment inventory and control;

(4) Drawing up with the Programme Affairs Assistant Director the Fiscal Budget and programme activity budget plan;

(5) Aiding efforts to collect government, non-governmental organisations, individuals and private enterprises funds and other assistance to facilitate the implementation of the NAM CSSTC programme activities;

(6) Accounting financial income and expenditure;

(7) Disbursing money for staff salaries and project / programme activities as treasurer, with the approval of the Director for NAM CSSTC;

(8) Checking on financial reports monthly and annually;

(9) Communicating in administrative matters with partners at home and abroad;

(10) Sending detailed correspondence to the NAM CSSTC Director;

(11) Conducting immigration and consular affairs;

(12) Compiling needs and tracking household needs utilisation.

Staff of the Network of Information

(1) Developing and conducting a programme, administrative and financial information networking, secretarial affairs and documentation information system;

(2) Regulating internal information network office activities and information networks for working partners / focal points at home and abroad;

(3) Performing an office goods / equipment inventory;

(4) Organising procedures for deviation and tracking the use of products / equipment like audio-video;

(5) Operating audio-video equipment in meeting / training / workshop / other activities.

Driver / Mailman

(1) Operating / driving vehicles;

(2) Sending documents / letters according to destination to agencies / units;

(3) Carrying out work helping running supportive jobs in the office;

(4) Conducting activities that promote the smooth running and secretarial activities of programme, administrative and financial affairs.


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