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NAM CSSTC (Non-Aligned Movement Center for South-South Technical Cooperation), an International Organization that facilitates technical cooperation for developing countries, members of the Non-Aligned Movement, is looking for the services of 2 (two) managerial positions from dynamic, proactive, innovative and hard-working young professionals as follows:

   1. Assistant Director for Program (ADP)

   2. Assistant Director for Administration (ADA)

General requirements :

  1. Age between 25-35 years old.

  2. Master 2 working languages: Indonesian and English (other United Nations languages proficiency shall be of advantage). A minimum TOEFL score of 550 with a good written and oral English is required.

  3. Professional experiences in the international organizations are preferable.

  4. Ample knowledge of the general principles and mechanism of South-South cooperation.

  5. Familiar with Excell, Word and Powerpoint programs.

  6. Good health condition.

  7. There will be further entry tests (interview, written test and required skill test) for successful candidates.

Specific requirements for ADP :

  1. Indonesian and foreign nationalities (members of NAM).

  2. Minimum of Bachelorís degree in international relations (International politics, economy or law); Masterís and PhD are most welcomed. A higher level degree may be substituted with a certain number of years of working experiences in international development or cooperation issues.

  3. Good networking and negotiation capacities.

  4. Capable of setting an agenda for cooperation with other international institutions or countries.

  5. Capable of developing a website with continuous updated content.

Specific requirements for ADA :

  1. Indonesian citizen.

  2. Minimum of Bachelorís (S1) degree in public administration, business administration, economy (accounting) or law (State Administration).

  3. Competencies in determining priorities as well as in allocating resources for completion of the outputs and the time delivery.

  4. Capable of managing the office personnels, finance and inventory.

Please send your application with necessary attachments. Copies of required documents are:

  1. Latest university diploma.

  2. Additional certificates (computer, accounting, photography, etc).

  3. Identity card.

  4. References (work experience).

  5. Doctorís reference for health condition.

  6. 2 (4x6) photos.

  7. Curriculum vitae.

These documents should be submitted by post and by email, before October 30, 2017, to the following email address: office@csstc.org and namcsstc@gmail.com.

Please visit www.csstc.org for more information on NAM CSSTC.

(Those who administratively passed will be further contacted)







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