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NAM CSSTC Representatives and IORA Representatives Seek Enhancement of Fisheries Management of Indian Ocean Rim Countries in 2018
Jakarta, March 14, 2018

Head of CURDP of ICECRD-Assistant Director for Programme and Executive Secretary of NAM CSSTC Seek Collaboration in Sustainable Palm Oil
Jakarta, February 19, 2018

NAM CHRCD Wants Cooperation in Human Rights and Cultural Diversity Fields
Jakarta, February 14, 2018

Senior Programme Officer of International IDEA – Asia & the Pacific Expressed His Intention to Build Cooperation in the Implementation of Programme in North Korea
Jakarta, February 1, 2018

Meeting between Assistant Director of Programme of NAM CSSTC and Senior Programme Officer of International IDEA – Asia & the Pacific at NAM CSSTC’s Secretariat
Jakarta, February 1, 2018

Director of the NAM CSSTC and Director Asia and the Pacific of the International IDEA Discussed Cooperation for the 2018 Program Activities
Tangerang, Banten, December 7, 2017
Director of NAM CSSTC Prianti Gagarin Djatmiko Singgih Attended High-Level Meeting of NAM in New York
New York, November 30, 2017
NAM CSSTC-IORA Signed an MOU on Collaboration Framework
Jakarta, November 28, 2017
The Director of NAM CSSTC Delivered an Opening Statement at Coconut Workshop
Manado, North Sulawesi, November 14-17, 2017
NAM CSSTC Encouraged Collaborative Activities to Tap Growing Market Interest in Coconut Products
Manado, North Sulawesi, November 14-17, 2017
Scientists Presented Their Technological Innovations during a Workshop on Coconut Development
Manado, North Sulawesi, November 14-17, 2017







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