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Poverty Eradication Programme
 Poverty Eradication Programme

Many developing countries have yet to achieve tangible and lasting improvements in the standard of living. It is, considerable scope for sharing and reviewing people-driven development schemes to address the needs of economically disadvantaged and socially deprived populations in these countries.

Tackling the problem of poverty effectively needs empowerment of the poor. Economically and socially deprived communities need to be organized into associations, cooperatives and guilds to strengthen their bargaining power at local, regional and national levels. This can only happen, however, if the broader political and economic framework is conducive to generation and improvement of opportunities for these self-help groups to grow. The identification, analysis and restructuration of existing framework conditions are, therefore, crucial to poverty reduction.

With this in mind, NAM CSSTC convened a meeting of experts from 26 countries, grouped into seven different sub-regions, to articulate their national situations and to identify the major issues in eradicating poverty and promoting rapid and equitable development. The meeting was held in Jakarta in April 2001.

Economic instability, conflict, food security and demographic pattern, including the increasing urbanization of the poor, were identified. Human resource development and health issue were also seen as critical. The importance of tackling social exclusion and ensuring real community participation in designing poverty alleviation programmes was highlighted. And significantly, political will and good governance were identified by almost all groups as prerequisites for effective poverty reduction.

The conclusions of this meeting will be used to formulate future NAM CSSTC projects dealing with problems contributing to the poverty in their respective countries.

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Report of Expert Group Meeting on the Identification of Major Issues in Eradicating Poverty and Fostering Rapid and Equitable Development in NAM Member Countries, Jakarta, Indonesia, 24-26 April, 2001

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