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 Expert Name  Country
1 A. Herman Suprapto Indonesia
2 Agung Lenggono, ST Indonesia
3 Bot Sosani Piliang Indonesia
4 Dimas Agil Marendra Indonesia
5 Dr. Bambang Priandoko, M.T. Indonesia
6 Dr. Bernt H Bakken Germany
7 Dr. Djoko Sihono Gabriel Indonesia
8 Dr. Eko Agus Suyono, M.App.Sc. Indonesia
9 Dr. Ing. Teguh Ariyanto, S.T., M. Eng. Indonesia
10 Dr. Ir. Agus Prasetya, M. Eng.Sc. Indonesia
11 Dr. Ir. Dadan Kusdiana, M.Sc. Indonesia
12 Dr. Joko Sulistyo Indonesia
13 Dr. K. Suman Chandra India
14 Dr. Marlen Navarro Boulandier Cuba
15 Dr. Muhammad Ali Imron Indonesia
16 Dr. Rachmawan Budiarto, S.T., M.T. Indonesia
17 Dr. Robert Eden USA
18 Dr. Robert Manurung Indonesia
19 Dr. Siti Syamsiah Indonesia
20 Edwin Nugraha Putra Indonesia
21 Erick Hutrindo, M.T. Indonesia
22 I Made Sudarma Indonesia
23 I Teja Harjaya, ST., MT. Indonesia
24 Ir. Edi Wibowo, M.T. Indonesia
25 Ir. Paulus Tjakrawan Indonesia
26 Muhammad Mufti Azis, Ph.D Indonesia
27 Prof. Arief Budiman, D.Eng Indonesia
28 Prof. Dr. Ing. Ir. Misri Gozan, M. Tech. Indonesia
29 Prof. Dr. Ir. Adi Surjosatyo, M.Eng. Indonesia
30 Prof. Dr. Ir. Muchammad Junus, MS. Indonesia
31 Ratna Ariati Indonesia
32 Rochim Bakti Cahyono, Ph.D Indonesia
33 Saifuddin Suaib Wittoeng, ST, M.Envs Indonesia
34 Salafudin, ST., M.Sc. Indonesia
35 Sri Heny Purwanti Indonesia
36 Sulistyo, S.T. Indonesia
37 Tatang Hernas Soerawidjaja, Dr. Ir. Indonesia
38 Tri Mumpuni Indonesia
39 Umartono Indonesia

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7-10 December 2018  
Dispatch Experts of Agriculture for Myanmar

7-8 December 2018  
Indian Ocean Rim Association High-Level Panel on Enhancing Maritime Cooperation for Inclusive Growth in the Indian Ocean

10-15 December 2018  
Training on Agricultural Mechanisation for Fiji



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