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ACCELERATING THE EQUITABLE DEVELOPMENT OF THE SOUTH ::  NAM CSSTC opens Career Opportunities for 2 (Two) Managerial Position: 1. Assistant Director for Program (ADP), 2. Assistant Director for Administration (ADA)
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SMEs Development

Microfinance Microfinance Sharia Micro Hydro Others
Disaster Democracy & Electoral Justice Women Empowerment Global Health Biogas/Bioenergy  

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 Expert Name  Country
1 Ade Djajanegara Indonesia
2 Afiati Sri Utami Indonesia
3 Agusman Indonesia
4 Aldius Taher Indonesia
5 Andi Estetiono Indonesia
6 Arswendo Swissrianto Indonesia
7 Ayahandayani Indonesia
8 Bambang Wahyudiono Indonesia
9 Caecilia Zilvia Suzanna Indonesia
10 Cecep Maskanul Hakim Indonesia
11 Choirul Djamhari Indonesia
12 Dani Dityawan Indonesia
13 Denny Defriansyah Indonesia
14 Dewa Ayu Puspa Dewi Indonesia
15 Didi Hendriansyah Indonesia
16 DR. Tulus Tahi Hamonangan TAMBUNAN Indonesia
17 Duma Riana Indonesia
18 Dwi Hari Laksana, SE, MM Indonesia
19 Endah Larasati Indonesia
20 Farida Indonesia
21 Gentur Wibisono Indonesia
22 Hadipurnama Chandra Indonesia
23 Haruko AWANO Japan
24 Hersam Sudarisman Indonesia
25 I Ketut Giriarta Indonesia
26 Iman Budi Utomo Indonesia
27 Imansyah Indonesia
28 Indarto Budi Witono Indonesia
29 Ivan Suparno Indonesia
30 Johan Machrobi Prawira Negara Indonesia
31 M. Mustofa Indonesia
32 Mariatin Sri Widowati Indonesia
33 Mohamad Miftah Indonesia
34 Muhammad Adrian Indonesia
35 Nagwa Kamal Indonesia
36 Prof. Dr. Eriyatno, MSAE Indonesia
37 Putu Desy Apriliani Indonesia
38 Seno Haryo W Indonesia
39 Sunarko Indonesia
40 Suparno Indonesia
41 Supriyono Indonesia
42 Tedy Alamsyah St. Malenggang, SE. Indonesia
43 TSUJI Kazuto Japan
44 Tunas Haryanto Indonesia
45 Werry Buswir Indonesia
46 Widji Adhi Indonesia
47 Widya Wicaksana Indonesia

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ASTECHNOVA AWARD 2017: ”International Competition on Renewable Energy Technology in Rural Area”

1-2 November 2017  
ASTECHNOVA 2017-INTERNATIONAL ENERGY CONFERENCE: ”Innovative Sustainable System in Energy - Food - Water Nexus”




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