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EPIC-ASTECHNOVA International Joint Conference

NAM CSSTC, UGM and BATAN Organised EPIC-ASTECHNOVA International Joint Conference

Energy has always been crucial to mankind and every year is growing in importance. In many countries around the world, the question of energy security over the last few decades has become a serious worry. Various factors have exacerbated concerns about the availability of energy and energy supply. Continued energy availability must therefore be guaranteed and protected.

EPIC-ASTECHNOVA International Joint Conference organised by the Non-Aligned Movement Centre for South-South Technical Cooperation (NAM CSSTC), Universitas Gadjah Mada and Indonesia’s National Agency of Nuclear Energy, took place this year. The EPIC promotes the “The Roles of Engineering Physics for Sustainable Development Goals,” whereas the ASTECHNOVA highlights the topic of “Innovation for Energy Security.” Both conferences share a virtual venue and schedule.

This conference includes a high number of academics, researchers, engineers, and international professionals who have presented their recent research and know-how in the field of innovation production to address problems relating to energy security. Two meetings, panel meetings and parallel sessions were held at the Conference. Both sessions provided for interactive talks among speakers and participants.

The Conference was attended by a total of 197 people from Bangladesh, Canada, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore. Diverse developments and new insight into renewable energy had been presented. Moreover, the Conference also improves cooperation in energy security research between universities, companies and public entities from other nations.

NAM CSSTC is responsible for promoting the development of energy resources in order to promote the accessibility of inexpensive and clean energy, nationally and globally, between the Member Countries. NAM CSSTC is conscious of the importance of inclusiveness for all states, particularly emerging ones. As such, NAM CSSTC will continue to develop the national capacities and collective self-reliance of Member Countries through diverse partnerships. (Pangersaning Gusti B.A)

September 2020 - 2024


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