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Online Training Course on IPDM for African, Caribbean and Latin American Countries

Tackling Serious Issues Relating to the Pest and Disease Through Training for African, Caribbean and Latin American Countries

African, Caribbean and Latin-American government officers, academics and the businesses have been trained in pest management and disease management, particularly soil testing, use of botanic pesticide and effectiveness of application of the botany pesticide by the Indonesian Center for Agricultural Training (ICAT), Ketindan Ministry of Agriculture, Indonesia.

The online training course was organised between the 25th of August 2021 and 2nd of September 2021, by the Non-Aligned Movement Center for South-South Technical Cooperation (NAM CSSTC), by Indonesia's Ministry for Foreign Affairs and by Indonesia’s Ministry of Agriculture.

ICAT expert Lutfi Tri Andriani, has taught the participants in compost addition and helpful microbials for soil testing and plant diversification and natural enemy use as an underlying test.

She also informed on all possible techniques to control pests and to combine the appropriate actions to alleviate the growth and other measures in pests.

Other ICAT experts also informed the participants about botanical pesticides, conditions for the use of botanicals as a control mechanism to prevent plant bacterial and fungal growth; and the application of botanical pesticides in the prevention of pests.

Earlier, the Acting Director for NAM CSSTC, Diar Nurbintoro, described the training in the opening speech as efforts to tackle: (i) serious issues relating to the pest and disease; (ii) reducing production and crop failure caused by continuous pests and intolerable diseases; and (iii) answering recommendation to conduct agricultural technical activities on Integrated Pest and Disease Management (IPDM).

Later, participants gave testimony on the training. This know-how allowed them to acquire knowledge of the IPDM and IPD control methods and develop plan for horticulture diseases and an effective integrated control programme for pests.

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