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Online Training Course on Tissue Culture for African, Caribbean and Latin American Countries

The NAM CSSTC, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia Organised a Course on Tissue Culture for African, Caribbean and Latin American Countries

One of the implications of the rising export of agricultural products is the growing requirement for high-quality seeds. However, seeds from a superior variety are relatively restricted and seeds from very high quality plants are necessary. The technology utilised in culture of tissue can also be used to respond to these issues.

The Non-Aligned Movement Centre for South-South Technical Cooperation (NAM CSSTC) and the Directorate of Technical Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in cooperation with Indonesian Centre for Agricultural Training (ICAT) of Lembang of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia (MoA-Indonesia), has organised a course on “Online Training Course on Horticulture Seed Propagation with Tissue Culture for African, Caribbean and Latin American Countries.”

This programme was implemented at the request of the countries in Africa, Caribbean and Latin America on capacity building support in agriculture. It had been agreed that countries in the African, Caribbean and Latin American regions will be the target participants, after identifying countries needing agricultural training.

As a way of supporting and strengthening technical co-operation among the member countries, NAM CSSTC financed the training as a whole. This course also fostered strong cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and the NAM CSSTC. With regard to the pandemic situation of COVID-19, virtual medium training was agreed.

This time the programme focused exclusively on African, Caribbean, and Latin American countries, as opposed to the tissue culture event also organised in April by NAM CSSTC and the MoA-Indonesia. There is a two-fold course which took place from 30th of July to 4th of August 2021 for African countries, while on 4th to 7th of August, 2021 for the Caribbean and Latin American countries.

The course included academic and practical knowledge of tissue culture. 52 people from Barbados, Belize, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Guyana, Madagascar, Namibia, Panama, Senegal, and South Africa have attended the training programme. Most of them were from the public sector, and training was also attended by education and business sector.

Four outstanding agriculture trainers and facilitators at ICAT of Lembang have been provided by the NAM CSSTC. Participants got expertise in defining and theory of tissue culture as a fundamental; describing phases of tissue culture; limitations and challenges of tissue cultures; description of media of tissue culture and acclimatisation processes. Through lectures, discussions and video resources, participants could study the material.

87 percent of individuals attending the training were glad to participate in the programme. This training was a genuine action of NAM CSSTC in order to sustain capacity building in Member Countries. It is hoped that the NAM CSSTC would be able to continue to provide comparable training to achieve sustainability of agriculture in cooperation with all Member Countries. (Pangersaning Gusti B.A)

September 2020 - 2024


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