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NAM CSSTC-ASTECHNOVA International Energy Conference 2019

NAM CSSTC Legal Consultant Encouraged Academics to Come Up with Ideas to Help Guide the International Energy Community

NAM CSSTC Legal Consultant, Ambassador Diar Nurbintoro has stated that the purpose of energy conference is that stakeholders, professionals and academics gather in order to make comprehensive recommendations and ideas on how to address opportunities and challenges for increasing renewable energy in developing countries.

Before the participants of the Applied Science for Technology Innovation (ASTECHNOVA) International Energy Conference 2019 conducted from 30-31st October, 2019, Ambassador Nurbintoro said that participants must focus on reducing the global greenhouse emissions and avoiding climate change caused by current energy use. Everybody, including the academics, must have an enabling forum to propose ideas to guide the international community in energy issues.

“That is why the Centre has concentrated on strategic collaboration with various actors, including academia. In the face of major challenges, framework of international cooperation must be focused on multi-stakeholder consultation,” Ambassador Nurbintoro said.

Since 2014, the ASTECHNOVA has become an important energy conference. The conference conducted this year at the Eastparc Hotel, Yogyakarta (Indonesia), under the theme “Energy Innovations and Sustainable Environment.” Six representatives from Brazil, Indonesia, Namibia and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) joined the Conference, introducing expertise in the areas of new and renewable energy sources and energy security at plenary sittings. The conference was organised in cooperation with Universitas Gadjah Mada c.q. Department of Nuclear Engineering and Physics. It also facilitated paper presentations by academics.

Ambassador Nurbintoro also called on organisations to provide sufficient and stable financial support to execute energy-related projects effectively. With adequate resources, actors will be more fully involved in their firm stance to support energy security, energy efficiency and sustainability.

“It is hard to remain committed in the face of a difficult financial and economic situation, but such long-term undertaking will help to speed up environmental and energy reform which aligns with Sustainable Development Goal 7,” he concluded.


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