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NAM CSSTC Representatives and IORA Representatives Seek Enhancement of Fisheries Management of Indian Ocean Rim Countries in 2018

Jakarta (14/3/2018) – Non-Aligned Movement Centre for South-South Technical Cooperation (NAM CSSTC) representatives together with two representatives of Directorate Interregional Asia-Pacific and Africa the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia (DIAPA MOFA) explored cooperation opportunities to promote welfare of Indian Ocean Rim Countries. A meeting was held with DIAPA representatives.

For the record, capturing demand exercises that have been done with NAM member countries showed that NAM CSSTC’s programmes in 2018 focused on Blue Economy, Women’s Economic Empowerment and Rural Development, but to organise the programmes, synergies would be needed to support and strengthen the implementation of the programmes.

The statement was delivered by Assistant Director for Programme of NAM CSSTC Niken Supraba at a meeting with DIAPA representatives, in Jakarta, Wednesday (14/3/2018).

“NAM CSSTC representatives expect NAM CSSTC and Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) to enhance cooperation, especially in realizing cooperation areas contained in Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two organisations, some of them are Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Women’s Economic Empowerment and Nexus of Water-Energy-Food,” Niken Supraba said.

She then cited research result of Directorate General of Processing and Marketing of Fishery Products, that improper handling of capture fishes impedes optimal utilization of the fishery, resulting in low-quality fish and fish products.

“The current situation, where we acknowledge the importance of the fisheries sector in the economic development, we need to develop the capacity of coastal residents to maximise fishery yields,” Niken said in front of meeting participants who came from MOFA.

For SME and Women’s Economic Empowerment sectors, NAM CSSTC representatives also encouraged DIAPA representatives to consider organising a programme related to entrepreneurship finance. In addition to increasing the degree of digitalisation among SMEs.

“SME sector is very important for women’s economic empowerment, because most SME actors are women,” she added.

Meanwhile, Head of Third Sub Directorate of DIAPA, Santo Darmosumarto, said Indonesian government could also strengthen its role as coordinator of IORA in the field of Fisheries Management.

“Since Fisheries Management programme is not only IORA task but also Ministry of Marine and Fishery Affairs’ (MMFA). And cooperation with MMFA has been established since last year,” Santo explained.

At the end of the event, Santo Darmosumarto added, next week DIAPA representatives will leave for IORA Secretariat in Mauritius. He described, at the meeting, DIAPA representatives will deliver result of exploratory meeting with NAM CSSTC representatives which can be a great opportunity for collaborative programme implementation in the range of July – October.

“We will also suggest IORA to follow up MOU whose IORA Secretary-General signed in November,” Santo concluded.







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