Table of Contents :

  • Preface

  • Day 1
    Inauguration of the Regional Training, Getting Acquainted, The Context of Microfinance in South Asia, Microfinance Financial Services for the Poor, Experience Sharing on Grameen Bank, Checkout for the day

  • Day 2
    Climate Setting, Market Research for Product Development, Delinquency Management, Microcredit Interest Rate, Presentation on PKSF, Review of the Day 2 and Participants’ Feedback

  • Day 3
    Climate Setting, Internal Control, Sustainability and Business Planning, Building Customer Loyalty, Financial Ratio Analysis, Impact Assessment Methodologies for Microfinance, Experience Sharing on BRAC Microfinance Programme, Review of the Day 3 and Participants’ Feedback


  • Day 4
    Field Visit on BRAC Microfinance Programme, Experience Sharing on ASA’s Microfinance Programme,

  • Day 5
    Group Presentation, Action Plans, Closing Remarks

  • Appendix 1 :
    Training Agenda


  • Appendix 2 :
    List of Participants, Facilitators and NAM CSSTC Staff Members


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Regional Training on

Micro Finance for Practitioners

in South and Central Asia

(Dhaka, Bangladesh, March 24-28, 2003)

Organized by:

Non-Aligned Movement
Centre for South-South Technical Cooperation

in Collaboration with: