Jointly Organised by

Non-Aligned Movement
Centre for South-South Technical Cooperation


Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources of Brunei Darussalam


Report of

Meeting of Expert and Decision Makers on
Government-Business Collaboration in
Addressing WTO-Related Issues




Table of Contents



Brief Report 


A. Opening Session : Opening remarks of Mr. Omar Halim, Executive Director of NAM CSSTC  

B. Presentation Sessions

  • Plenary Session 1
    Introduction on Overall view of the coming Doha Round and How It Differs from Previous Rounds

  • Plenary Session 2
    Issues in the Agriculture Sectors and Challenge to Developing Countries

  • Plenary Session 3
    Manufacturer and Services: Government-Business Collaboration to Make the Doha
    Round Fruitful

  • Plenary Session 4
    Accommodating Special Developing Country Concerns on Antidumping: A Few Ideas on Operationalizing Article 15 of WTO Antidumping Agreement

  • Plenary Session 5
    Government- Private Collaboration in Fostering Small and Medium Enterprises in the Globalising Era

  • Plenary Session 6
    Strategies to Evolve Course Corrections in Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS)

  • Plenary Session 7
    Presentation of Country Reports (1. Belarus; 2. Cambodia; 3. Ghana; 4. Kenya; 5. Sri Lanka; 6. Sudan

C. Group Discussions


    Group A : Working Group on Agriculture Sector
Group B : Working Group on Manufacturing and Services Sector
  Group C : Working Group on Violation of WTO Rules and Disputes Settlement Mechanism and Procedures
  Group D : Working Group on Public-Private Collaboration in the Development of SME’s in the WTO and other Rules
Group E : Working Group on TRIPS-Related Issues