Based on the intensive monitoring and evaluation of the project implementation, it is necessary to propose the following recommendation for future similar training programme:

1.      Duration (Effective Days)

Duration of the training could be maintained for 3 (three)-week effective course in which 2 (two) weeks for class session and 1 (one) week for field session, including off-time during weekends.  

2.      Curriculum (Class and Field)

With reference to the feedbacks from the training participants and further discussion with the instructors/facilitators, the curriculum design should be reviewed for further improvement, especially on the exercises both at class and field session concerning knowledge of technical operation and practical management of MFI.  

Methodologically, the session should be maintained participatory and case-based exercises. With regard to the field session, it is recommended to keep focusing on two different financing schemes for microfinance activities, namely: (i) conventional financing model; and (ii) sharia financing model.

3.      Instructor/Facilitator (Implementing Team)

Mobilization of PNM instructor/facilitator as performed in this training activities need to be maintained as it successfully creates a dynamic atmosphere in terms of perception, substance and teaching method. However, careful selection of the PNM instructor/facilitator should be still critically considered. Instructor/facilitator must be equipped with strong practical background, but most importantly they have to master English language at high proficiency level to ensure effective communication and dialogue. The Training Modules prepared by the instructor/facilitator have been perfectly tested in class and field. The instructor/facilitator should be properly coordinated by a capable Training Coordinator to productively support an effective time management.