Attachment 2 : List of Papers

Paper 1 – Poverty Reduction through Micro Finance Credit Schemes

Speaker : Ms. Cecilia C.Keenja, Tanzania


Paper 2 – The Role of Micro Finance in Economic Development and Poverty Eradication

Speaker : Mr. Riza Primahendra, Indonesia


Paper 3 – Poverty Alleviation and Micro Enterprises Sustainability : Some Evidence from Guatemala

Speaker : Mr. Edelberto Torres, Guatemala


Paper 4 – Micro Credit: Experience and Lessons from Nepal

Speaker : Mr. Shankar Paudyal, Nepal


Paper 5 – The Opportunities and Pitfalls of Micro Financing in Developing Countries

Speaker : Mr. Joseph Nyamunda, Zimbabwe


Paper 6 – Micro Credit Schemes in Sri Lanka

Speaker : Mr. Emil Anthony, Sri Lanka


Paper 7 – Government Support for Micro Credit Financing (The Legislative Environment)

Speaker : Ms. Prabha Chinien, Mauritius


Paper 8 – Micro Finance: The Indian Experience

Speaker : Mr. B.S.Bhasin, India


Paper 9 – Rural Women’s Empowerment through Micro Finance : The Case Study of ENOWID

Speaker : Ms. Magdalen Abrokwa, Ghana


Paper 10 – Micro Credit Scheme: The Experience of Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia

Speaker : Mr. Amihamzah Ahmad, Malaysia


Paper 11 – Mobilizing Micro Credit Facilities to Help Women in Business Development in an Urbanized Society

Speaker : Ms. Sree Vithya Harilingam, Singapore


Paper 12 – Philosophy and Technical Aspects of Micro Financing

Speaker : Mr. Yusuf Nawawi, Indonesia


Paper 13 – Philosophy and Technical Aspects of Micro Credit: The Experience of BRAC in Bangladesh

Speaker : Mr. Shabbir Chowdhury, Bangladesh


Paper 14 – Initial Results and Experiences in Computerized Implementation of Micro Credit Schemes of the Vietnam Women’s Union

Speaker : Ms. Thi Hong Van Cao, Vietnam


Paper 15 – The 40 years Journey of Purba Danarta- Lesson Learned

Speaker : Ms. Delima Kiswanti Soebardi, Indonesia

Paper 16 – Micro Credit Schemes in Negara Brunei Darussalam as Conducted by Islamic Development Bank of Brunei Bhd 

Speaker : Ms. Pg.Hj. Basmah Abbas, Brunei Darussalam